Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feb. 18- March 3 (Includes Vacation Week)

Vacation week!  Oh, how I miss you and your colors and sunshine and happiness.....

As I mentioned earlier this week, I look at this project as a place for summary, not big details.  I will do some regular scrapping of this trip - I love chances to scrap vacations - so what I did here was just a summary of the week.  Maybe it will help me later when I want to get to the scrapbooking project, too.

Left page - just some favorite 3x4 pictures.  The "vacation" stickers are on top of the plastic. 

On the right is a 6x6 insert where I used another weekly calendar for some brief notes of the week.

On the back of the insert is a picture of us, with me holding a spider monkey.  Actually, it was more that the spider monkey was holding me.  I did a brief post about it here.  Moment of a lifetime, I tell ya.  Anyway, I used the WordFoto app to add a word overlay on that picture before printing it, just for an extra fun look. 

I also added this envelope within this week just to hold some cards from my birthday and Junior's boarding report cards (which, by the way, I don't believe for a second).

I have one more page that's empty and not pictured.  I think I'll just do a collage there, but I'm waiting until I fix the page in the other side of the protector - the left page of the next week:

The week after vacation: Possibly the most grey, boring week of the year. It looks about like I felt that week.  I have to say - this week was kind of a dud. I am committed to keeping this project a weekly project, and this week made me question that commitment. I had just 3 pictures - none of them that great - and nearly zero to say. But I managed to put together some notes and fill the pages, and I guess sometimes that's all that matters.

I didn't notice that my 5x7 print of Monday morning traffic was cut off at the bottom until I actually finished the page.  I plan to get a new print the next time I place an order.

I added the "back to reality" text with the Aviary app and placed it on a point on the picture that was dark and useless, so it was a great spot for the text.


A couple of notes for the week was all I could scrape together. I stole this grey card from my new Jade Project Life kit. I'm going to use that kit not for Project Life but for a project with Crystal's childhood pictures. It's something we have meant to do for years, and I really want to get it done this summer. The fun part of putting pictures in the divided protectors and making it pretty - that's what I'd like to dive into. But first we have to SCAN all those pictures. Yuck! Anyone have any tips on how to make that project less painful? Let me know!

This weekend I'll be back with two current Project Life weeks, and then next week I'll dive into the rest of March. Before this month is over, I'll have all of 2013 caught up and posted and can get started on some other projects like the one mentioned above. I'm ready!

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