Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life: March 18-24

A quick note about this week's schedule.  Tomorrow I'm taking a break from PL posts to participate in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop. Come hop with us! You can start from the main blog at CounterfeitKitChallenge.blogspot.com.

But for today, it's time for another Project Life catch-up week, March 18-24.

This is another week where I used the Hey Boy pieces from my April Counterfeit Kit, and it is one of my favorite weeks of the book so far.  I just love those orange and natural colors that are used here.

On the left page - a box of fortune cookies for an event at work, and a picture of Crystal driving away with my cell phone.  As I've become better about taking day to day pictures for this project, this one sticks out in my head.  The picture isn't from the day of the story, but it could have been.  I think I snapped the pic to show how it was getting lighter in the mornings right before the time change.  But it was the perfect picture to go with the story from a few days later: Crystal dropped me off, and as I started to walk away, I realized my phone was still in the car.  I tried to catch her and run after the car, but she just wasn't looking back and didn't hear me yell.  So I spent the day without my phone, which is difficult when you're not used to it!  I'm glad I snapped this picture some other day, so I had a picture to match the story.

Then another car/traffic story - perfect space for the picture and the story on this pre-printed card. 

On the right, I used the 2x8 space for journaling again.  I used a piece of 6x6 paper, which left it 2" short - so I used a couple of sticker elements to fill the space.  Added the date and lines for journaling, and it made a good spot for notes about the weekend.  I used a dog park picture for the InstaWeather overlay, and does anyone recognize that scrapbook celebrity there in the bottom corner?  That was a picture from the Memories Expo that weekend in Columbus.

I did have one more piece of information for that week, but I didn't want/need it right out in the open.  So I tucked it behind that Tim Holtz picture.  I used that tab as a pull and titled it "Not My Drama," since....well, it's not my drama. But I've read along as everyone else went through the drama, so I somehow feel connected :).

And here was the drama - a little 2Ps message board scuff up that sparked the creation of a new message board that makes me happy.  I wrote those notes on the back of a screen capture that I printed as a 4x4 picture.

I'll be back with the final week of March catch-up posts on Thursday.  I can't believe I was able to post it all within 3 weeks, and now I need to get the April weeks posted before the month completely passes us by.  I covered most of my 2012 weeks with posts here on the blog, but I think I missed a few.  In order to get everything up to date, I will probably have a few posts for those pages in the near future, too.  And in the not too distant future I'll get my December Daily project completed.  Then I will really be able to say that my July 2012 - June 2013 Project Life is all wrapped up with a bow :).  Until then, watch for more real-time weekly posts for the next couple of months.

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  1. You sure make this PL stuff look easy! I know you are playing catch up but you make it look enticing. Your pages look great, Rebecca!