Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project Life: Jan. 21-27

Welcome! I'm working through my Project Life catch-up, and today it's time for Jan. 21-27.

First, I wanted to mention something that might be obvious......I've done a little spring cleaning around here! I loaded a new blog template and cleaned up some old links and non-functioning items.  I never did like the template I last loaded here, but at the time I just didn't have the motivation to fix it.  I'm still tweaking things a bit, so if you notice something that's not working, please let me know.  I've also finally published the Facebook page that links to this blog.  If you'd like to follow along via Facebook feed, just click the button over there on the right, and it should take you to that page.  It doesn't look like much right now, but it will expand as posts are added.

I'll also put in a plug for my Pinterest and Instagram feeds.  Please click those buttons, and I welcome followers of those medias, too!  You can always see the most current items in my Instagram feed there on the right, too. I'm super excited I figured out how to get that item in there!

Now, on to the week of Jan. 21st.....

This week I had the back of a small page protector to work with, and on the right I used a Snap protector with two 3x4s and one 4x6 spot.  Sorry for the glare here.

A better picture of my six 2x2 pictures.  Junior at the vet, 5 tons of salt (long work story), coldest most horrible weather of the year, Crystal's last day of work in that location, a check-in from Facebook, and a Cricut mat full of theme here, just day to day life.

The page on the right is a weather screen cap, the date card, and some journaling about the week with other weather-related pictures.  As I've said before, there isn't much room for embellishment when using this small size, so it's a great way to use scraps! The papers here are all scraps of an Echo Park line from a couple of years ago.

I added a flip-up card when I realized I needed more space on this page.  I added this Currently card from Kristen at and available in her shop here. She has since come out with that stamp, and it's on my list! I've been using a Currently card every couple of weeks, and eventually I'm going to try to get Crystal to do some cards of her own to add to the book.  Good luck to me.  She is completely uninterested and puzzled by this whole project and every once in awhile she asks, "When is this Project Life thing going to be over?"

Speaking of Crystal, Inside the flip up I have a picture of her getting ready for her new tai chi sword class.  That's right. Tai chi sword.  Here I thought she was going to tai chi for quiet reflection and stress relief. But now I find out it's about weapons. It's a little scary. She came home talking about how the samurai used these swords to wrap around trees and impale the hapless victim on the other side.  I now sleep with one eye open.

Another week completed! Tomorrow I'll wrap up January and then we'll move on to February and more current weeks.

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