Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Life: Feb. 4-10

Welcome back! If you missed last week, I am in the process of posting all my Project Life weeks for the year, and today I'm starting with February.

I planned to post a more recent week over this past weekend, but life got in the way. And in the end, it wasn't a very exciting week.  I'll probably do two April weeks next weekend. Deal? Deal.

This first week of February was the first week where I used just Snap protectors - a four-spot on the left and another 4x4 combo page on the right.  And somehow this week came together as "red week."  The journal card, the Currently card, and some accents in the photos themselves were red, so I went ahead and used a scrap of red paper for the 2x8 journaling spot, too.

These Currently cards are from Rukristin, who I found on Instagram.  The cards are easy to print and just what I was looking for (without knowing I would find it right when I needed it!).  So thanks, Kristin - great cards!

At this point in the year, I was really getting into using photo apps.  I posted here about some favorites. Here I used the PhotoGrid app to get four pictures from a Chinese New Year event into a 4x4 square.  I can print them directly from my phone to WalGreen using the Printicular app, and they're ready in an hour.  Can't beat it, especially since they're only about 30 cents/print.  Of course the Saki deserved its own big picture.

When I look back at how all my pages came together, I think this week was one of my favs. I love the accidental red theme, and I liked the pictures I ended up with for the week.  And I liked using the Snap protectors instead of the other pages I was using, because I spent less time trimming and shrinking things to fit.  This was an easy week to pull together.

See you tomorrow for another week in February!

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  1. So neat to see how you're doing PL! I succumbed to the deal on HSN and am just starting my first PL album. It really helps my process to see how others are using it! Love the Snap protectors you're using!