Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Life: March 11-17

Almost there.....I'm catching up on 2013 Project Life weeks, and I'm up to the week of March 11th. If you're interested in seeing more pages, scroll back through all my April posts.  You'll find weeks worth of pages.  I do still owe a couple of posts on current weeks, so I can show I'm now keeping up with the project.  I do have pages done, I'm just not ready to post them.  I'll keep trying to get that step done, hopefully later this week.

March 11-17 was the week of St. Patrick's Day, which I don't really celebrate at all.  But combined with some pictures this week, green just seemed to be a theme.  So I pulled out some greens from the Basic Grey Hey Boy papers and used that collection (from my April Counterfeit Kit) again here this week.

This was a week without many pictures again, so I filled in with some screen captures: a picture of my triumphant defeat of the infamous Level 65 on Candy Crush....

.....and a funny comic to go along with a story of my accidental celebration of "Pie Day."

I used a page insert for a info sheet for our new furniture.  We went shopping for that furniture on that weekend.  It won't be delivered for a few weeks, so I took that page to remind myself of what we actually picked out.

The page on the right is just a couple of random pictures of the week. I'm finding the lack of space a real challenge - sometimes that makes me happy, and sometimes it just feels limiting!  The lack of space makes it a challenge to find ways to embellish.  Here I just used space on my pictures to add borders, small journal stickers or a thin border of pattern paper.  A paper bag tucked behind the 4x6 picture gave me another space to add the furniture info (promo and business cards from the store).

Short and sweet this week.  Sometimes it all just comes together, doesn't it.  

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  1. Love the weeks it all comes together easily! Looks like you are really making some progress.