Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post-Vacation High: Bring on March!

We're back from our vacation to Mexico.  It had its highs.....
Hello down there, Gulf Coast!
 And it had its lows:

 But the highs definitely win!
Used a few scrap supplies to decorate my Bubba mug for the week.  This one happened to be full of Miami Vice.
 But that vacation high really wears off quickly, doesn't it?  I'm already tired of being back to work, the weather stinks, there's no one to bring me drinks/food on demand,  and I don't have much motivation to catch up on much of anything around the house. Boo hoo.
Ugh.....back to work stinks!

A public shout out to Crystal, though, who stayed home from work because she didn't feel good on Monday and Tuesday but went ahead and did all our laundry and suitcase clean-out anyway.  That's called "being a trooper" around our house, and she was definitely a trooper.  

And here we are, about to start another month......I think I need some blog goals to lift my spirits and to keep me busy for the coming weeks:

  • I left off with some Instagram and app related posts earlier this month.  I will get back to posting about more app uses in March.  I actually just loaded a couple more options to my phone and iPad, so I may have some success stories to share there, too.
  • I almost exclusively used my phone for this trip's pictures.  I'm anxious to dig in and start a project with them, but I think I'll wait a bit.  I'm not doing a big giant album - I feel like I just finished last year's trip.  And I don't have nearly the volume of pictures that I usually have.  So I need some time to plot and plan how I want to tackle this project.
  • After getting caught up on several project life weeks, I now need another round of catch-up.  I'd like to stop "catching up" by the end of March so I can finish the last few months of the project in real time.  I think it's an obtainable goal!
I also plan to share some travel stories throughout the month as I play with the pictures.  Like the one about my spider monkey bite.
No, really, I got bit by a spider monkey! That's a story that will never get old for retelling. The one in my arms above was not the biter, though.  This one climbed up in my arms to cuddle, and she made the cutest grunting noise that's apparently the equivalent to a cat's purr.....amazing life moment!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a special Master Forger project, and then Friday with a new March kit. So bring on March......a little looking forward, a little looking back, and probably a lot of living in the moment!