Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Life: Jan. 28-Feb. 3

I'm wrapping up a week of Project Life catch up, and today we've reached the end of January.  As I've looked back through these weeks, I'm very glad I only have to relive the memory not the actual weeks - how do we make it through all that crappy weather every year?!

Anyway, this week actually brought some sunshine and warmer temps, so I decided to highlight that fact with some sunny papers.  I used some new Jillibean Chilled Cucumber Soup that I picked up from the Memories Expo last month.  I like how it worked here.

I had spots for a date card and some journaling on the left, and then a spot for one 4x6.  I used the days of the week card for my date card - I just stamped the date after each day of the week using one of my roller date stamps.  I decided to highlight this picture of my office building and the time/date/temp outside that day.  I played with the Pixl-r-omatic app to add some highlights and graffiti to the picture.  Funny enough, I wasn't even at work that day; I was home sick but had to go to campus to pick up Crystal, so I still got the chance to take a picture on a nice day.

Screen captures have been a lifesaver for some weeks.  I took this screen cap of watching puppies being born. The things you learn on 2Ps.  Anyway, it was something that sucked up a lot of time while I was busy being sick on the couch that week, so I wanted to have a way of including it. And I didn't notice it until now, but the tab at the top of the page that says "Palladium?" That's the message board for our resort in Mexico.  I didn't even realize I captured that little bit of life. Vacation planning was definitely in full force during this week.

One of those Jillibean cards, to highlight the sunshine, along with a fabric brad on top.  Whenever I use something really dimensional in my book, I've been putting it on top of the page protector.  In this case, I put the brad through the protector and the cards, so it's very secure.

We were on full vacation planning mode, so I had to get a picture of my new short fins in there! The empty space at the top of the photo was a perfect place for writing on the photo.  I've been using my Slickwriter quite a bit for that purpose.

That wraps up January.  Tomorrow I'm going to switch to post a current week.  I'm very excited to see this project actually growing into something I can manage, and I feel like I can start posting the most current weeks as I go along.  We'll see how it goes!

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