Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life: Feb. 11-17

I'm working through my Project Life catch-up posts, and today it's Feb. 11-17.

This was a big week of getting ready for vacation, Valentine's Day, asteroids, and finally getting on a plane bound for Cancun. 

It started with snow and work, so I used the 4x4 spots for those sories.  The weather overlay is an app called InstaWeather, and I love the options available there.

The day of the week list is another notepad from the Target dollar spot.  I used other notepads here and here, too.  I found them all back in early January and thought they would be perfect for this book.  I used it for some week-in review notes here, even though I had to do it sideways.

The insert on the right is a funny Valentine I found on Tumblr's Edith With Googly Eyes.  It's a ridiculous website, but at that point in the year I was fully immersed in Downton Abbey, and this Valentine was quite funny!

On the other side of the insert I made a flap.......


......So I could use two 5x7 pictures - first a picture of Junior at the Valentine's Day event, and then a collage of travel pictures.  I didn't want to devote a lot of space to vacation pictures, both because the next week was all vacation and because I want to do some full-size scrapbooking of our trip.  I look at this project as a summary, not for lots of details, especially if they will be covered elsewhere.

The page on the right had four 3x4 spots.  That's Junior looking at me with his "I know I'm going to boarding tomorrow and I'm sad about it."  I think it's the suitcases that put him on alert. 

In other news, I took a screen capture of my Facebook for the asteroid story. I need to start including more "news of the day" stories in my pages. 

And I found the LOVE maze on Pinterest (I have it pinned here), saved it as a jpeg, and printed it in 3x4, just because I thought it would make a nice Valentine embellishment.

That takes us up to our vacation week.  I'll be happy to relive it tomorrow!

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  1. lots of fun cards and ideas for recording your project life this week , thanks for sharing