Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NSD Challenges

I scrapped all. weekend. long.  But I definitely broke my own record of slowest scrapper in the world. I managed to finish two - yes, two - PAGES the entire weekend.  Well, I also did a lot of photo cutting and plotting and arranging for my Week in the Life album, but outside of that project, I managed those two other pages. Good grief!

But, I do feel some accomplishment. I kept up with all my blog posts, which was a priority for my weekend, and I managed to get around and look at all the challenges and kits from the rest of the Master Forgers, too.  There is enough stuff there to keep me busy for year, let alone a weekend or a month!

Here are my two pages, which I'm submitting to Susanne's Everyday Sparkle Challenge and Leslie's Favorites Challenge.  Both pages are scraplifted - from The Scrappy Jedi here and the other from the 2Peas gallery here.

First, Leslie's favorites challenge.  This favorite moment was when we took our Halloween pictures with Junior. He was so, so good that day, despite being subjected to the ultimate humiliation of wearing a googley-eyed lobster get-up (although our trainer did dye her border collie neon pink for the occasion, which seems more humiliating that wearing a temporary lobster costume. Maybe Junior picked up on that subtle difference and that helped him tolerate all the extra legs and claws hanging from his sides). I still chuckle when I think about that costume.

It was a dark and stormy night......
No, really, it's a dark and stormy night. My apologies for the dark photo. 
I used mostly Pebbles Cats and Dogs papers. The big "Boo" is a Halloween
ornament that I disassembled.

And second, Susanne's challenge.  This everyday moment was our first rally trial earlier this spring. Junior seems to love the training - a good class definitely wears him out - and somehow he mustered some moments of brilliance at those first trials.  Our next trial is over Memorial Day weekend, provided his paw heals over the next couple of weeks.

The sparkle was a challenge, because I couldn't find my glitter! Who loses an entire 30-pack of glitter?! I think I must have left it at a crop, because it is not in my scraproom.  So, I turned to glitter paper to make the sparkly ribbons. And the background is the most beautiful piece of My Minds Eye embossed and glittered paper that I've been hoarding because it was just too pretty to use it. But it was the perfect background for the page, so I was happy to add its sparkle here.

For the ribbons, I used a Cricut cut for the base, added some
ribbon, and used a rolled paper flower for the center. It's all
held together with the paw-print brad in the center.  And I added
some blue Stickles to the kraft fringe, so there's a bit of sparkle there, too.
I used the design-your-own foam Thickers and used flock instead of glitter.

I'm going to complete more of the challenges as I can over the next week or so, and then I need to turn to my May kit and vacation pages. If you missed the NSD challenge hop, you can find the full list of challenges here. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. very cute layout!!!

    i am also a slow scrapper. when i go to a crop my friends compete so many projects and i only complete 2! oh well i don't care that i am slow-- all that matters is that i am having fun!!

  2. Well, instead of thinking of it as only 2 pages finished, think of it as 2 challenges conquered in style!! Nicely done, Rebecca.

  3. Want to send you an Honorable Mention little giftee for sharing your layout - please send your street addy?

  4. Well done Rebecca - two great pages with happy stories safely scrapped (if it's any comfort I was away and didn't scrap all weekend, or indeed since)!!