Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finishing My Scrap Room

You'll start to see a theme this week.  I'm going to post about some loose-ends projects - things I'm trying to get done around the house and in my scrap room, all in preparation for National Scrapbook Day on May 5th.

We "finished" my scrapbook room about a year ago.  It was a great effort on Crystal's part, who is our designated driller/furniture-putter-together in these sorts of projects.  I cleared the room of all furniture and other contents, and then we painted and added an Ikea Expedit shelf and desk.  Then we reloaded all the stuff, and I started using the space immediately.

Nothing terribly unique, but it's my scrappy home.  And I do love my chair!

So while I have found time to reorganize my shelves about 100 times since then, we continued to "not have time" for the least favorite part of any project in our household: hanging things on the walls.  It's such a hassle, and there's nothing easy about lining things up, leveling, dealing with drywall anchors, etc. For every hole we drill, we usually have to patch two others and then drag out the paint and.......ugh.....just thinking about it brings me down!

On Sunday we finally tackled that project, and just about everything is complete! You saw some of those pictures yesterday in my Week in the Life Sunday post.  We hung shelves, curtain rods, frames and towel racks (to hold punches).  It took 6 hours - no wonder we both started to ignore the unfinished.  Now all those things are off the floor and out of the way.

I used some wrapping paper with grid marks on the back as my template to hang towel bars level and even with each other.
One down, two more to go.

I actually did a page for my room re-do last year and left a space for the picture.  Now I can add that page to my "tie up loose ends" pile (watch for a challenge on that topic soon!).  Very excited to have the project AND the page both completed, just in time for National Scrapbook Day weekend. 

I did leave one unfinished project, though.  I have this window frame that I bought at an antique place.

Crystal, if you're reading, don't yell at me for propping this window against the car. Thank you.
My original thought was to use it as a frame and do this project with it.  Well, that was over a year ago - oops. More recently I thought about just painting it and putting fabric behind it.  My "lease" on the storage space in our garage is coming to an end, and I fear that one day Crystal will just pitch it while I'm not looking.  So, I really need to make something happen on that project.  I left the space over my desk open for now, hoping I can put the window up there soon.  Let's me honest - if it's done within a year, I'll be happy!

One final shot for tonight - I just picked up my Week in the Life photos.  I printed most of them as large wallets (sized easily in PhotoSheet) to use in baseball card pockets. Can't wait to dig in!


  1. looks awesome! i love that black and white chair!

  2. That IKEA unit is really fab - all that storage so close at hand. And, of course, I covet the chair - it would look great in my music room.