Friday, May 4, 2012

Finishing A Card Project

I was so inspired by April's card kits from Lisa and Milissa for the Counterfeit Kit, that I decided to finish another half-completed project.

I made these card bases several months ago - maybe over a year ago - but never really knew how to finish them.  It took a lot of time and adhesive to get all the bases completed, so I wanted to come up with some finishing touches.

The lonely card bases that used some Basic Grey Cappella 6x6 pad.

Found these Wild Asparagus tags in my stash and decided to use a few on these card bases.

And after.....I used little bits of scraps and some old stickers, too. Happy to finish this little project!
So thanks to Lisa and Milissa for inspiring me to tie up loose ends on this project!


  1. Great cards! They turned out beautifully. Now just don't do what I do and forget about them stuck in a drawer! LOL!

  2. Well, those will be enjoyed by their recipients - good for you for finishing them.