Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fabric Challenge: AKA Many Mini Hexagons

When I went searching my stash for fabric for this Counterfeit Kit challenge, I came across a piece of tulle. And I noticed that tulle is just a series of the hottest shape right now, hexagons!

So I used tulle in two ways on this layout. First, I used a piece for texture behind my picture. Second, I used it as a mask on some design-your-own Thickers, for letters with mini-hexagons (sort of). Kind of neat, huh? You just have to be sure to tap away all spare glitter before carefully pulling the tulle away from the letters.

This page will be the "title" page/first page for our Mexico trip. 

Took this picture before I cleaned away the little bits of glitter. It really is a big pain, isn't it?
Even the dog had it on face by the end of the night.

Just thinking out loud.....You could accomplish the same idea by running foam
(or maybe chipboard) letters or shapes through a Xyron. Might even work to run it
through the Xyron with the tulle/mask on the letter, to keep the adhesive from sticking
to the letter on those lines.  Might need to do some more experimenting.
Try a piece of tulle for a mask for painting or inking mini-hexagons on a background on a page or card. It looks like I got my large piece in the remnant bin for .17, so if nothing else it's a cheap experiment. If you try it, leave a link in the comments.

Thanks for looking!  And check the Counterfeit Kit blog today for the rest of the Master Forger's fabric projects.


  1. super way to use the tulle! love the idea of the mask!

  2. Aren't you the clever one! I didn't notice that about tulle and I've been working with it making veggie bags. Love your layout. Your style really appeals to me. Great job, thanks for sharing!

  3. what fun! those letters are just gorgeous and the tulle itself is really pretty - perfect for your photo

  4. Oh my word how cool is that! cracked up over the dog wearing glitter, hehe

  5. Love how you have used the netting and a great page to start your album

  6. That's an innovative way to use tulle - great page too

  7. So many good ideas, and love your background paper too.

  8. Your page looks great. When I saw the challenge I immediately thought of tulle, but was to lazy to run to the fabric shop to get some. Since then, I was able to order it online from a scrapbook store, so I'll be playing around soon.

  9. Very creative way to use fabric on your lo, and such a beautiful outcome.