Saturday, May 5, 2012

Challenge: Tie Up Some Loose Ends!

Do you love all these challenges or what?!  When Beth and Meridy suggested this idea for the group to celebrate NSD, I knew it would be a fantastic celebration. You may have landed here from Milissa's Embossing/Stitching Distressing Challenge.To see all the challenges, start at the CKC Blog.

I'll introduce my challenge by saying this: I am terrible with endings.

I am a creative idea person - I like beginnings. I'm good at beginnings. I'm organized, prepared, motivated. Then, somewhere around the middle, I start to fade - I lose interest.

It's a common thread in my life. Whether it was writing a paper or studying in school, finishing a project around the house, working on a committee, doing a craft project, it's all the same. Not a great thing to admit about myself, huh?! But it's true, I battle it most every day.

One of my goals for 2012 was/is to finish what I start. I can't combat such a big part of my personality with a simple New Year's resolution. I will, after all, lost interest in it :). But as I recently mentioned in another post, I do want to accomplish a small goal: complete all the little details on all my older albums. Even if it's just smacking a picture on some paper and calling it good, or writing a couple of sentences on the paper, at least those little details will be done, and I can say I finished something!

I've skipped pages sometimes because I needed to get a picture printed. Sometimes it was because I didn't have the supplies I wanted, and sometimes I just didn't feel like doing that page.  In older, postbound albums, sometimes I just threw the pics in the protector to save a space for the page, but never went back and actually did the page.  I've been on a mission to get those unfinished pages finished, so I can concentrate on more recent stuff.

So my challenge to you: Look back through your scrapbooks. Do you have any half-finished or skipped pages?  Did you ever skip some journaling or picture printing?  Look for a project and finish it!  Whatever you pick should be something relatively quick - the goal is to get something done so you can feel the accomplishment!!

Link a completed project back here in the comments so we can all take a look.  If you post that link in the comments by Sunday, May 13, I'll highlight any linked projects in a future post.

In case you need some inspiration, here are a few pages I've finished/resolved in the past couple of weeks:

I showed these pages a couple of weeks ago using my April kit.

I always meant to add one page for our first trip to Mexico
into my 2010 chronological album.

This one is from 2003. I skipped come pictures of our cat, Owen,
because it was too sad to work on her pages when she died.
Finally went back and did some 2012 journaling on it, and I'm glad I did!

I went through a time when I didn't take many pictures, so I wrote a summary
of pictures I missed and used it as that year's final page in my album. I
used some items from the DCWV Snapshot Stack to throw together
this simple page.

The next stop on our hop is the Everyday Sparkle Challenge with Susanne at Have a great National Scrapbook Day and weekend!


  1. What a fun challenge. I am not sure I have any loose ends (I won't let myself move on until something is done so I have the opposite problem you do!) but I will check!

  2. Great idea. I'll have to think about this one as I'm pretty good at finishing up layouts but there is one that comes to mind that I hated so much I ended up taking apart and have all the basic elements sitting here ready to be used on a new design - maybe this is the one!

  3. I'm afraid I have to admit.... I'm bad at finishing projects... Most of my layouts/mini albums are finished, but I do have some that need to be finished. I think I'll use your challenge to finish at least two projects (a lo and a mini album).
    Thanks for the inspiration and for shring your layouts.
    Have a wonderful scrappy weekend.

  4. Omg I do this so bad. As I reorganized my scrap area I put together an entire shelf of incomplete projects

  5. Lucky me, I have an entire album that needs to get finished! Summer Vacation 2010, we went to Oregon to visit family and the Oregon Zoo. 259 photos! Well, I finally got them all printed, and as of right now I have done 4 pages.

    If it weren't for your challenge, I would not have printed them out for another year at least!

    1. Glad you could play along. Enjoy the rest of your project!

  6. Oh, what a great idea for a challenge - I am bad at leaving layouts unfinished if I cannot find one little thing that I know I have in my stash that would be "perfect", but I don't know where. Eventually when the item turns up - I remember what I need to do with it. Eventually.

  7. I love this challenge - just what we scrappers need!

  8. I made a 5th layout for this challenge during NSD weekend, here:

    5 layouts for my vacation album done, thanks to your challenge!

  9. Thanks for the idea for a summary page idea for missed photo opportunities. My DH once told me I take too many pictures. I set him straight, right away. I do not take too many pictures. There is always an image I think of later, that I missed. But I did admit to him that I print too many photos. But that is a totally different issue.