Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life - Tuesday

And here are some highlights for Tuesday:

I often stop at McDs to get a $1 large unsweetened iced tea.
I know Susie Ormon would suggest that
those $5/week (and usually more like $2-3/week) could be saved
instead and turned into $1 million by the time I retire. 
I say phooey. It makes me happy.

I had a conference to attend all day. I had a few minutes to kill,
so my tea and I hung out in the car and listened to
Sirius Channel 28 (The Spectrum) until I had to move inside.

After my conference I again had some free time before I had to
pick up Crystal, so I ran some errands.
This sign at Target caught my eye.

My dinner: Salad and hummus.
I made this big bowl of salad yesterday,
so I had it for the week.

Ding dong....UPS delivered our new vacuum.
Crystal was very excited. And I am going
to be in trouble when she sees this picture!

Junior's first night at his new rally class.  We like
our new trainer. But it's a long night - Crystal goes to tai chi class,
back home to pick us up, half hour drive to dog class until 9pm....
we have no choice but to stop
at Dairy Queen on the way home after such a long night!

I have lots more pictures on my iPad that can fill-in the holes of Monday and Tuesday. And I tried to take some pictures of the pretty moon last night; Not sure if I can edit that picture into something useable or not, but I'll try.


  1. Well, I can relate to both the McDonald Sweet Tea and in the mornings and the Dairy Queen at the end of the day. What eventually turned me off the sweet tea was the calorie count, not the price. Just don't look it up online, and you'll never have to worry about it. And Dairy Queen is our favorite fast food place closest to home, so on those nights when we've been running all day long - it is often our last stop of the day - taking home supper from there.

  2. I say go for what makes you happy - especially if its only $1! That's cheap happiness! That sign at Target caught my eye when I was in there the other day too. Isn't it pretty!!!