Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life - Saturday

Sitting here listening to a hard rain and ordering prints for all my planned projects for National Scrapbook Day this weekend.  Nice relaxing night around our house.

In honor of NSD weekend I have a post planned for.....wait for it......EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!!!  I believe that is an unprecedented timeline for me, and it may never be repeated, but it should be fun while it lasts. 

First, a little catch up.  Here are some photos and stories for my Saturday of Week in the Life:

Our day was derailed by rain. I had a surprise day-trip planned for Saturday,
but it involved too much outdoor activity for the cold, rainy day. So, I started
with a slow, oatmeal kind of morning while Crystal slept in.

Saturday was my worst day for remembering to take pictures.
It was mid-day before we made it out of the house to run
some errands.  We did some dreaming (that's a very dreamy
price tag for us!) as we wandered the store.

After our errands we came home, did a quick
change and dog walk, and then went to a
murder-mystery dinner theatre show. This was
my long island iced tea. Have you ever met a
bartender that didn't know how to make a long
island iced tea? Well, there's a first for everything.
And this first tasted terrible.  I'm not one to let a
drink go to waste, but this picture was taken at the
end of the night - I just couldn't do it :).

A polar bear in a murder mystery?  I had to have a picture after the show.

Junior, all tucked in with a toy.

I spent some time catching up on the week's
project as I got ready for bed.
One more day to show, and then it's time to get it all tied together. I edited, resized and ordered my prints tonight, so they will be all ready for this weekend. Do you have any projects planned? If so, remember to check the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog for some fun that day!

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