Thursday, April 19, 2012

December Daily - Finally Done

Well, it was a project. And it is finally done.

 May I present - my complete December Daily

Here's the link to a Flicker album with all the pictures. It just seemed easier to load them there than to put them all here on the blog.

I used Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas throughout the book.  I love it as much as I did when I first saw it.  I used a stamp-holder 3 d-ring album from Hobby Lobby (8 1/2 x 6, same size as the album used in the AE Studio Calico kit), and I made my own page protectors by cutting down 12x6 protectors to 8 1/2" high. Perfect!

Will I do a daily project like this one again?  Maybe.  It was fun. It was a lot of work. It took me away from other projects (like my Counterfeit Kits).  The project lost it's luster somewhere around day 13, and it took a good bit of work to fill in the holes of the boring days throughout the month.  But it made me get better (or at least think about getting better) about taking pictures of ordinary moments in the moments, and I hope that carries through into other projects.  And it is a lovely keepsake.  But my goodness it took a lot of time!

I modified as I went along:
  • I planned individual pages for the week between Thanksgiving and December; I ended up doing a couple of summary pages instead. 
  • I planned to insert extra pockets between each day; Why??? I didn't have that much content or time, so I cut a lot of that extra work. 
  • I planned to use vellum dividers and decorate them with all sorts of techniques; I do love vellum and all the fun things you can do with it.  I did a few, but never got around to the rest.  I may print some Christmas carol and song lyrics on them.  But if I don't ever get around to it, it won't matter.
  • I planned to use lots of smaller pictures; I didn't have time to make lots of size adjustments, so I generally made 4x6s work. 
That's all ok. The book is THICK, and I'm happy with everything I accomplished.

If you're really interested, here's a daily breakdown of the book:

November - Intro page with hidden journaling, Thanksgiving and Black Friday pictures, and my 2Pease 24 Days of Thanksgiving thoughts.

1 - Decorations
2 - Christmas in the Village
3 - Selling our truck, and a holiday party
4 - Homemade decoration
5 - Journaling about our 5th Christmas in our house
6 - Decorations around my building at work
7 - Journaling about a Cricut cartridge my dad sent to me
8 - Hot chocolate day at work
9 - Friday night napping with our dog
10 - Holiday shopping trip with friends
11 - Junior's Rally Obedience class
12 - Our holiday card
13 - All the pictures we received from other people in cards (I highlighted a few and tucked the rest into one of the stamp storage folders that came in the album)
14 - Gas prices
15 - Neighborhood dinner at the 94th AeroSquadron restaurant at the Columbus airport
16 - The weather outlook for the month (printed from, Junior getting a bath, and journaling about the unseasonably warm weather for the month of December.
17 - Visiting family, meeting my first great-niece
18 - My love of Brach's Christmas nougat. And how did I not know that it came in cinnamon and mint flavors, too?!?!
19 - "In loving memory" pages - I wasn't sure how or if to include this info, but we lost two friends in the month of December, so I decided to note it on this page.
20 - Favorite "new" radio Christmas song and some journaling about finishing the final page of the book.
21 - A neighbor's house decorations
22 - A card from my dad
23 - Some fun journaling about all the last minute stuff we did that day
24 - Making hot chocolate on a stick
25 - Some decorations and journaling about the day
26 - Out to lunch and a movie
27 - taking a walk/nice weather
28 - Back to work (some projects we did over the long weekend)
29 - Football bowl season
30 - New iPad and apps addiction
31 - Our annual dull NYE
Back page - My Year in Status print out from Facebook

Just in time to start a Week in the Life project (Wait....did I just say I'd do ANOTHER big project?!?!).  It never ends! But first, I'll be catching up on this month's Counterfeit Kit.  I have a couple of pages done, I just need to load the pictures.  Thanks for looking!

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