Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Counterfeit Kit LO#1

A couple of weeks ago, while looking through older scrapbooks, Crystal made a comment about how I never finish what I start.  I have a few pages throughout the books where I've dropped a stack of photos in the protector expecting to finish later or where I saved a page for something but don't have pictures yet. But I never go back snd complete the pages.

After that last comment I developed a "well I'll show you" attitude and decided to finish all those missing pages.  I made a good dent in that project last weekend, including these pages that use my April kit. I was so jazzed about all those bright colors, and then I went and used the neutral B sides on this one. It just seemed better for the pictures.

It has been so long, I don't even remember which trip to The Wilds produced these pictures, so I journaled a little bit about all the times we visited the park.  My goal is to get done, so they're not all pretty, but - well, they're done!


  1. This is a great layout, and my philosophy is that not every layout can be a masterpiece but every layout can get done! Great job!

  2. Personally I think that leaving photos unscrapped in between pages of albums is a lovely habit that should be appreciated for the fact that you filed them correctly! Don't ask me why I think so or let Crystal know I mentioned it! Congrats on making headway on your project - it looks like all those animals were making headway as well!

  3. I actually sort my photos for LO's by dropping them into the proper place in the album they'll end up in as completed LO's!! HEE HEE! I've done this from the beginning of my scrappy 'career'.

    I love your page!!

  4. Great tip from Tara there! Well done for "showing" Crystal - I have an entire holiday that is still languishing on the hard drive - at least you have printed the photos!

  5. Great pictures. Sometimes you just "need" to use the B side. It looks nice.