Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mid-year Reflection and Looking Forward......

I had planned to upload some pics for this post and put it up tonight, but the Curse of the Kite struck again , and we were without power for several hours. The storm was crazy, I've never seen winds like that, and we have several downed trees in the neighborhood. Tomorrow will have to be clean up day around here. Anyway, since our power just popped back on (i think we are lucky, about 400,000 are still out) i thought I'd go ahead and post the text without photos.


Well, half the year is behind us!  And for some mid-year blog news, as of today it looks like I've posted as much in six months this year as I did all year last year.  I'm happy with that accomplishment!

After some reflection on the year and my hobbies and this blog, I came up with these 5 scrapping truths for me right now:

1 - At some point this year, I became a 1-page scrapper. 
Around this time last year I was happily making 2-page layouts, like I mostly have done for years, especially after taking an Allison Davis sketch class last summer.  I really can't explain what happened - if all the galleries influenced me, or my topics became more one-page worthy, or I started looking at my stories differently - but I definitely fell into a 1-page routine.

So I'm going to make a conscious effort to do some 2-page layouts this month.  I think I have some good pictures for it, and they should make good use of my July kit.

2 - I'm tired of looking at other people's Project Life pages.
I want to play, too!
So I've decided to start my own version of this popular project.  I'm starting in July, and I hope it lasts.  I'm going to use the same 6x8 1/2 album that I used for my December Daily and some page protectors I found at Staples. They are meant for coupon sorting and have four spots.  I've resisted this project because I don't want it to replace my full-scale scrapbooking.  But let's see how it goes! 

3 - I have too many projects at once. I need to focus.
I know this one appears to be in direct conflict with #2 above, but I just need to reprioritize my to-do list.  I'm working on it.  Bleh, who am I kidding? I love having too many projects!  Who cares what "gets done," as long as I'm having fun doing it.  Strike that #3. Here's the new #3:

3 - I like orange.
Or whatever shade it takes for the season. Whether it's called a rust, peach, pumpkin, melon, tangerine or paprika, my July Counterfeit Kit is making me realize that I like them all.  "What's your favorite color" is an often discussed question, but I don't remember a time in my life when I actually had a solid answer until now.  Orange. Love it.

4 - I want to go back to Mexico.
I'm dabbling in/working on my Mexico pages again, and I think I'm ready to say it out loud: I'll go on a scrap shopping diet if it means I could have another week in Mexico.  I don't spend that much to begin with, but if I keep that mindset through the holidays, I may be sipping long island iced teas under a palapa again this winter.

5 - I am getting better at taking pictures.
I don't mean I'm a better picture taker, although I'm trying to do that, too.  I mean I'm getting better at REMEMBERING to take pictures, and to take more pictures from day to day.  I'm doing my best to practice good picture taking habits as we approach our vacation at the end of this month.  I want lots and lots and lots of pictures - of friends, of the sights, and of the moments I want to remember.  Can't wait!

That is all :).  See you in July when we start 2012 Part Deux!

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  1. Oh I want to get back to doing 2 page layouts too - or be even more ambitious and get a couple of vacation albums done. The one downside to PL is that it makes you want to scrap fast, so that works against doing 2 page spreads.