Friday, June 15, 2012

Travel Inspiration - Part 1

Hi Everyone -

I didn't get a page done for today's CKC blog challenge #1 for June, but I did have this post saved, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it.  No pictures, but lots of fun links!  I'll get the page up later this weekend. Stay tuned!

Travel takes a lot of preparation.  And when it comes to the actual scrapping of that travel, those planning details are lost when I focus on just the actual vacation days.  If you have the stamina for it, doing a pre-vacation project would be a great way to keep track of those sorts of details - take pictures of things you order, trying on new clothes, a passport application (or, someone taking a picture of you getting your passport picture taken - I wish I had that picture :)), at the travel agent or ordering tickets online, etc.  If you already do a Project Life-type album, maybe you're already capturing those sorts of things.

Since I've been (sort of) working on a travel project and know there's another one coming up soon, I've amassed a bunch of random tips/ideas for travel scrapping and thought I'd share the top ones here.  So in no particular order, here are 10 Tips/Ideas/Starters for Travel Scrapping:

10 - I found this 7 Tips for Travel Mini Albums list on the Creating Keepsakes blog while looking for ideas for our upcoming Finger Lakes vacation.  Lots of great little ideas!

9 - Another list from Get It Scrapped, Scrapbooking travel: 5 tips for collecting and including memorabilia on your pages.

8 - Keep Planning Lists: I'll show you tomorrow how I kept track of our vacation planning.  In addition to keeping track of what I did each day in February, I kept a notebook for all our planning notes.  So, I still have our lists of things to pack, things to do, orders placed, etc.  I'm an online planning nut when I'm getting ready for a vacation, so I also kept all my where to eat/what to do in that book, too.  Since it will be months later when I actually do the scrapbook, I'm so glad I have that notebook.  I just used a plain old notebook and pen, but you could get fancy and do something more of a keepsake. 

7 - This week's Scrapbooking Roundtable was all about travel.  Good conversation about themey supplies, scrapping while on va-k, etc.  I've listened to it 4 times now, so that fact can stand as my review. Good show!

6 - My favorite find......I was thinking about how I'm focused on this big Mexico project, but really most of our travel experiences happen much, much closer to home.  So while searching for scrapbooking staycations, I came across this page and was immediately linked to a project from our own Julie Ann Shahin!  I thought, wait, I know that name!!  I tried to link back to the source, but it looks like the blog that featured that project is no longer operating, so I hope my link at least gets you to the pictures of her FAB, artsy, stylish little staycation scrap journal. 

5 - I just thought this picture was a great idea.  I want to do a similar picture of a picture with scenery of the travel spot in the background.  We'll see if I remember!  Here's a general list of travel photo ideas, too. 

4 - Sort of a related idea, as I said earlier......have someone take your picture while you are getting your passport picture taken.  Given the rigid rules about passport photos, I sort of wonder if that action is somehow a federal offense, but it otherwise sounds likes a good idea. But for the record, if armed government agents storm the scene, it's all on you. :)

3 - And if you miss the photos all together (Like I did on one day of Mexico. Seriously, nothing. It's hard to fit in picture taking, what with all the pool lounging, eating, and more pool lounding. Geez!), here's a list of ideas for no photo layouts.  It's not travel specific, but it's generally good ideas.

2 - Ali Edwards has a self-paced class, Scrapbooking on the Road, this summer.  Scrapping while traveling was one of the topics on the Roundtable's travel discussion this week, too.  I haven't jumped on board with that idea yet, but I can see how it would be appealing for the right kind of trip (for me that would be a long trip to a really different culture, or maybe a trip where we have lots of stops and lots of ephemera to keep track of along the way).  There are so many product lines now available for this sort of idea, so it definitely hasn't been easier to put together a quick, classy project on the road (think Smash products, the new Simple Stories, the Amy Tangerine Daybooks, etc.). 

1 - And last but not least......I saw this picture on and thought it would be a good idea for a scrap page.  I want to do it for our upcoming trip to New York. I have to remember to pick up a rest stop map somewhere along the way (Do they still have maps at rest stops? I guess I'll find out!).

Happy Travels - I'll be back tomorrow with my travel page!