Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Call Me Butter…..Cause I’m on a Roll!

Last year I wrote 38 blog posts.

I just noticed that this year I am on track to have that many posts by the end of June.

All the chatter in half the time!

For me, that's an accomplishment.  I’m not trying to beat any records, and I surely don't see myself blogging anywhere close to daily.  But it made me smile because it means I’m getting closer to making this whole blogging thing a habit rather than an afterthought, and that makes me happy.

So I’ve decided to have a little celebration this month.  As I countdown to the tying - and surpassing - posts, I'll have four extra posts dedicated to things on a roll. .  Each Monday in June I’ll highlight something that comes on a roll and either use it, show others using it, or link to lots of resources for it. Sound like a plan?

Thanks for stopping by - Happy June!

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