Sunday, June 17, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

Hi Everyone!  I volunteered to put together this month’s extra Page Kit on the CKC Blog

The theme for this kit is Fly a Kite. I went searching for any literal items in my stash and just came up with a couple of papers from a 6x6 pad of MME Lime Twist. So I worked from there, adding some other papers and using those colors as a way to pick some embellishments.  I'm calling this page kit Kite Stories, which I'll explain more later.

Full kit

Embellishments - I ended up with a green thing going on....

Papers - Since this is just a page kit, I didn't want to go overboard with the papers. But I like variety! So I compromised and stuck with just a 6x6 size of a few papers, along with my background piece (from AC Campy Trails) and a larger grid piece, maybe for journaling.

I think these letter brads are 10 years old. Or more, I don't know. But I dumped out the remnants of that pack and was able to come up with these two words that might be useful.
Have you ever looked at leftover alphas and tried to figure out what you could spell?  A tip - try putting your available letters into a Scrabble word finder site like this one. It will tell you all the possible words, and maybe one of them will pop out as something useful!

I'll post my kite page tomorrow and include the story of why I called my kit Kite Stories.  If you decide to make your own page kit this month, leave a comment with a link so we can all take a look!


  1. Your kit looks like it would be lots of fun. And thanks for the tip on the Scrabble word search - that could come in very useful. See you tomorrow for the pages you made.

  2. I've never thought of trying out a scrabble help for my words. What a top tip! Thanks so much. Looks like a great page kit. Will drop by again o check out your page.

  3. I hang onto alphabets until it's nearly impossible to make words with them and this is even after I've pieced together letters to make ones that I need...such as turning an h upside down to make a lower case y. LOL. Even THEN, I refuse to throw them away...ugh. Sometimes I have to close my eyes and MAKE myself do it. Thank you for the tip...that's awesome...

    Love your little page kit. This comes in handy just in time. I've just finished up my main kit. what can I come up with for a page kit?

  4. I think "fun" is definitely an apt description!