Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thanks, Moxxie! More PL12 Catch-up

 Last October I won a blog hop prize from Moxxie, the full line of All Hallow's Eve. Besides the usual "I never win anything" excitement, I was thrilled that the line was perfect for that time of the year. It has the Halloween theme to it, but also has rich fall colors that were useful for general fall season pictures, too.

I've finally gotten around to using the line as part of my Project Life catch-up.  It was the perfect stuff to help me fill three weeks in October.

The first week:

For this week's dates I used the spider paper with my Wingo Zimgo alpha die. To make it more dimensional, I also cut the alpha from some black foam. I ran the paper letters and the foam letters through my Xyron X, then adhered the paper letters to the foam letters.

These three weeks were a little concerning for me, because I really didn't take many pictures or notes through those weeks. I knew it would be a challenge to get the pages completed, but sticking with the one Moxxie line helped me fill the gaps with embellishments, and I'm very happy with how the pages came out. What better paper to use to chronicle a spooky old house's demolition?!

The second week:

That bottom picture shows the old house from last week finally reduced to a pile of boards.  I know that might seem like a sad sight to see an old farm torn down, but for our neighborhood it was a good thing. We were so glad to see the demo actually happen.

I finally thought to include a QR code on a page!  I never think to take video, but someone saw my iPad while at the Rally trial and offered to take the video for us. I'm disappointed that I never thought of that option in the past, because this run really stunk and may be the only video we ever get of a trial.  But at least we have something, so I went ahead and included it.  I just copied the code onto the photo while editing the picture in Paint and then printed as usual.

And the third week:

I know "goose bumps" is meant in the Halloween frightening way, but I used it for the "crap, it's snowing" meaning :).

Crystal started a tai chi weapons class this week. That sword is scary and completely fit the theme of Halloween this month.  I thought tai chi was supposed to be about relaxation and breathing and, it turns out it's about weapons, too!

Again I used the "shocking" cardstock piece for another meaning of the word shocking. Fit the story perfectly!

So, thanks, Moxxie, for the great prize and for helping me with 3 more weeks of catch-up pages!


  1. so glad you loved your prize- this is an awesome collection- love what you did with it-- you should post this on the moxxie facebook page- they will totally love it!!

  2. I LOVE the way you used the All Hallow's Eve collection! I'm glad you won it and put it to such good use!

  3. wow! I love of my favorite Moxxie collections! So happy you loved it!

  4. What a fabulous way to use the All Hallow's Eve collection! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  5. Fantastic! Love how you used your prize and how it fit so perfectly. So happy you're enjoying it. Love your pages and creativity!!

  6. There are so many things...first congrats on winning the Moxxie prize, 2. I love that you are doing Project Life. I just started a digital version this year. 3. I love the way your album looks with the fun little lift up pages and journaling and 4. I love, love, love the QR code. I have not tried it yet but can't wait to do so! Keep up the good work!

  7. That's so fun! It looks great fall. I like the 'october' title section especially! x

  8. Terrific use of your prize. The pages look great.