Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PL 2012: Week of July 2

I thought I'd start my PL12 posts with a little information about my supplies.

I started out the project with these divided page protectors. They are supposed to be for a coupon binder system at Staples, but I thought it would make a great miniature PL page. Each pocket is about 2 3/4" square. The pages fit perfectly into my 6x8 Hobby Lobby binder. I'm not sure how available they are now. I found them on clearance several months ago and bought plenty to get me through the year, especially since I am now mixing them with other options for pages.

I went back and forth about the page size I wanted to use. I just decided that I didn't want this project to replace my other scrapping. And I worried that our weeks were all too similar to make a big 12x24 layout each week. It's a challenge; All the fun PL stuff is too big for what I'm doing. But maybe that's a good thing. It takes just a little bit of stash to complete a page, and  I have plenty of stash to pick from!

It was just a couple of weeks after I started using these protectors that the CHA reveals included several lines of 6x8 albums and protectors.  Later you'll see that I started using some of those protectors, and I think I've found some of my favorite types. But early on in the project I had to be creative with how to fit things in these little pockets.

Another source of inspiration: On a night of blog browsing I came across Jamaica Makes and was completely inspired by her PL pages. She recently did a wrap up post and talked about how she pieced together the page protectors she needed throughout the year.  Great information if you ever decided to do one of these 6x8-ish sized projects!

I also had to get creative with journaling space.  I find little spots to add a few words pretty much everywhere.

 For instance, here I made a pocket with the front of a cheeseburger wrapper :). Whatever works!

I've talked a lot about PL to Crystal, but I hadn't really shown her any of the finished pages. When I handed the book to her, her reaction was, "You took a picture of our trash can? What's the point of keeping all this sort of stuff?"  I'm hoping for a more......excited?.......sort of reaction at the end of the project.

This pocket is actually from the week I covered on the album's title page.  Just wanted to show another way to journal. I've found that the little bitty bags fit nearly perfectly (just a little tall - easily trimmed to fit) in these pockets, so I stocked up on a few extras. I need to find more of this notebook lined variety - they're perfect for me!

This was the week that we made cake pops. I hope we never have to make them again. There's nothing wrong with them - as long as I don't have to be the one to make them.  What a mess!

So that was week one.  More weeks to follow soon.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. My daughter laughs at the silly things I scrap too! As for the cake pops, they are not for me either. I love the peek at your PL book, cheeseburger wrapper and trash can picture and all! LOL!