Friday, January 25, 2013

Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop

With the new year come new changes! This month we're reinstating the monthly blog hop for the Counterfeit Kit participants, and I'm jumping in on the fun.  If you're hopping, you came here from Julie at http://jsquaredscrapspot.wordpress.comI've also listed the hop order at the end of this post so you can navigate from where you were, to where you are, to where you should go next.

The challenge for the hop project is to use 3 patterned papers, 3 embellishments and a 3 word title from your kit.  I stuck to the rules and used them to get me through yet another week of catch-up in my Project Life 2012 album.

I stuck to the rules: 3 pieces of 6x6 Pink Paislee Portfolio paper and 3 embellishments (arrow stickers, a clip, and a piece of flair).
And a 3 word title: I don't usually have a title for each week in my book, but this week seemed like it could use one.
First page with a couple of hospital pictures. For the record, we really celebrated Crystal's birthday the weekend before this week, so she wasn't completely forgotten :). 

My view of the Stadium from my room.

They have quite a system, don't they?  Crystal said they keep you updated in the waiting room and it's pretty easy to know a patient's whereabouts. 

I added a clear pocket to hold some papers from the hospital and clipped just a little paper and the flair button to the front.  The flair is actually hiding the staple I used to hold the paper to the envelope.

I put this picture of Crystal on the back of the pocket page. We just happened to go to an event for the hospital that weekend, and it was one of my first excursions out of the house.  Someone working at the check in booth noticed the cut/scar on my neck and said, "Dr. xyz? I thought so," and then showed me her matching scar. "I recognized his work," she said!  The facing page is just a picture of us at the dog park, but I made it big so I could show that I was feeling better and ended the week on a good note!

There's still time to add your own kit projects to January's Mr. Linky thread.  We'll be back on February 1st to reveal the Master Forgers' February kits and get started on a fresh new month of stash busting and kit making.

Thanks for stopping!  Your next stop in the hop is Tammie at  (EDIT: As of right now, I don't see a post from Tammie, so skip right to Lisa at ! I'll come back and edit that point if I see that Tammie has joined us).  

Here is the full hop order, and you can always go back to the Counterfeit Kit Blog if you get lost along the way.

Jemma Sharrock

Lesley Graffham

Lucinda Messman

Shir Benovich

Leslie Smith

Julie Hearn

Kate Blue

Tricia Simmons

Lisa Johnston

Rebecca Delo




Lisa Hausmann

Andrea Ockey Parr
Have a great weekend! (What is a weekend?)


  1. Fab to see the challenge used on a PL album. What a week - best forgotten, but still appreciated I'm sure!

    P.S. I really struggled to find where to comment Rebecca - I had to go to your home page before I found the box!

    1. Thanks, Jemma. I wonder if the comment issue is a browser issue? I can see the comments button at the end of each post as I scroll through.....but I'll investigate a bit more later this morning. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Wow - great job using with your Project Life album!

  3. I agree love that you used this challenge with your project life!

  4. I'm waiting for my PL stuff to arrive so it's really interesting for me to see yours here. I really hope it's for me when it does finally get here! Thanks for the giggle from DA. I haven't seen much of it (don't fancy watching it in a foreign language TBH) but did catch a few episodes on the plane - this is such a great snippet!

  5. Not all weeks are ones to remember but I love that you still documented it :)

  6. good idea to interpret the challenge PL style! I agree that we should scrap the good & bad and the painful...I hope to be able to start doing more of the painful in 2013...thanks for inspiring!

  7. Love that you are documenting everything! These challenges make you even stronger :) You are so brave!

  8. Wonderful how you have managed to use the challenge on a project life page. Love it! I scrap the bad & good as well. It is all part of life. Great job!

  9. Great work on the project life page. I'm hoping to do a PL-style album this year, but haven't spent any time on it yet.

  10. That Downton clip was HILARIOUS! Hope all is well :~)

  11. Hope you're fully recovered. We need to have the bad weeks to appreciate the good ones.

  12. How amazing to document all that.I'd be too stressed out I think.I admire your talent too.

  13. Well that's impressive how you adapted the challenge to complete something you needed to get done. And your pages look great. I too need to finish up PL 2012. Thanks for the nudge.

  14. amazing peice of life journaling. bless you

  15. This is definitely a week in the life! I love how you did the challenge. :)

  16. Great job using the challenge for project life!
    I am always telling my son, we need to have the rougher days(weeks, etc...) because that is what helps us appreciate the good! :)

  17. I love that you were able to work your kit into your project life album!!

  18. Great pages, not great you had to have surgery though :(
    I hope you take it easy and have a quick recovery :)

  19. I think its great too that you can use your kit for you PL!
    Sorry to hear you had a rough week. Happy birthday to Crystal!

  20. Oohh, love that you used the challenge and kit for Project Life!! Hope you're recovering well!!