Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday - Tried and True Pins

This post has nothing to do with scrapbooking, so if you're a usual scrapbooking reader, I'm giving fair warning to turn back now!

I have discovered a couple of truths about me right now:

1 - Follow Me on Pinterest  I spend lots of time on Pinterest but rarely follow through on all the pin-ably good ideas I find there.
2 - I never meant for my blog to be all about one topic and planned to include "life, home and fun in the suburbs."  My life, home and fun are usually all wrapped up in scrapbooking, but there are definitely more things going on around here!
3 - "What do you want for dinner" is among the most anxiety-inducing, arguement-starting, avoidance-worthy question of most any day at our house. We have fallen deep into the pit of meal lethargy which leads to eating out all. the. time.  And not good eating out - I mean fast, drive-thru, I'll-pay-for-this-later kind of eating out. Yuck.

In case you can relate to any of those issues, I'm passing along three pins that are now tried and true and have helped me this week.

I went through my Recipies to Try board and tried two recipies that have been hits for us:

Meatball Sub Casserole from
Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole from Six Sisters' Stuff

Lest you think we only eat casseroles, I have to say we hardly EVER eat casseroles.  Crystal is not usually a fan of the casserole.  But times are desperate, and I needed to find something different.  She got up after dinner and served herself an extra spoonful of the chicken (right off of the serving spatula in the pan), so I knew that one was a winner.

These dinners also gave us lots of leftovers for lunches, which made the time and effort worth it to me.

And the third pin is just a tip, but it worked just like it said it would:
(Picture from My thoughts:  I can't believe how easy this cooking tip was. It's one of those "why didn't I ever think of this idea on my own" kind of ideas.  But I went from cooked  to shredded and cooled within 45 minutes (including boiling the water).  And I have oodles of chicken for meals now and in the freezer.  That's my kind of cooking :).
Hope one of those pins helps someone else! I'm on Pinterest here if you'd like to follow along.  Leave a comment with your Pinterest address if you would like another follower, too!
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  1. That meatball casserole would be a HUGE hit at my house! :)
    Thanks for the follow-I'm following you as well.

  2. Oh how I love Pinterest! I am out there a couple times a week pinning and I do try many of the recipes I find. Also love it for inspiration and use that often too! :) I'll find you on Pinterest and follow.

  3. Oh I totally get that meal planning lethargy you are talking about. But at least at our house the cooler weather has made it easier for me to want to cook (and easier for me to enlist a little help too.)

  4. Those recipes look great! I know I freak out just about every day around 1 pm when I put my tot down for her nap and realize I have no ideas for dinner - it sucks! Pinterest has helped a lot with that!!! I'll follow you, and here's my addy: Hugs, Roxy.