Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Dogs

When I was trying to title this post, I was reminded of this video. It has nothing to do with anything except that it makes me laugh:

And I need to laugh, because what else is there to do when bad things happen?

This weekend I watched our dog, Junior - the star of so many of my pages - have a seizure.  It was scary, and the treatment news from our emergency vet was sort of a shock.  We were there once before, about 6 months ago, for what I thought might have been a seizure (we thought maybe he had just fallen off the bed and was scared or injured, but now I'm sure that was a seizure, too). 

We talked to our usual vet (who was Junior's foster mom and who has been fantastic as a vet!) over the weekend and will do more with her this week.  But walking out the door to come to work this morning was hard. I'm worried that this seizure activity may have happened when we weren't home, too, and we've never known it.  I've been with him pretty much every minute for the past 3 weeks and to have this happen right as I'm coming back to work is really unsettling.

So while we wait, I'm just thinking about my puppy......and that made me think of posting these pages about him.....

I was at my LSS for a crop last month, and all the Christmas paper was on clearance.  I picked up several sheets for no particular reason, and it sat on my table while I tried to get to work on some pages for my Counterfeit Kit.  But my eye kept getting drawn to the new stuff, and first one piece moved to my project, then another, then a sticker, and finally I decided not to fight it, and I just moved my kit aside and starting playing with the new stuff :).  So here I used all Christmas papers (mostly B-sides) in a completely non-Christmas layout.

Our next competition is in two weeks. We have not been training over the past few weeks, so I'm just hoping we can qualify a few runs and have a good time.  Really, what else matters but some quality time with that cute face?

By the way, if you're interested, we are doing Rally. If you're looking for some bonding time and obedience training with your dog, it's a great way to do it!


  1. super 2 pager!! i have this paper on my blog today too!! very cool!

  2. Hi Rebecca!! Saw your post on my blog, and had to check out YOUR Junior!! :)

    OMGoodness, my heart goes out to you, because I went through exactly the same thing a few years ago with our Basset Hound, Droopy-Doo. He'd fallen off the bed, and wet everywhere one night, and we couldn't figure out what was happening. We thought he'd had a really bad dream, since he's such a deep sleeper. About 6 months later, it happened again, but this time, we witnessed his stiff body seizing up. I bawled and bawled, not knowing what to do. We took him to the vet and after some blood work, she wanted to wait before starting him on medicine since we weren't for sure on the first one. Another 3 months later, he had another seizure in the middle of the night. Always happened while he was sleeping, and he always soiled our bed, the floor, himself, everything in his path. Absolutely broke my heart!! :(

    After more blood tests from the vet, and her concern of the rapidity the seizures were coming, she started him on the lowest dose of phenobarbitol available. He seemed to respond well, but he did have one more seizure several months after that. After a year of the little pill with his food, twice a day, he started what I call tremors. He looks like he's shaking his head NO. He would just be laying around, or sitting and watching us, and he'd start to shake, like he had Parkinson's. We increased his dose of medicine, and he's been seizure-free (that we know of) since.

    He started his medicine in March 2008, and he's now 12/13 years old. His lab work always looks good as far as the medicine not damaging his liver or kidneys. Like you, I often worry about my Droopster when I put them outside for the day.

    I love your page, and can't wait to see more pup layouts!! There are tons on my blog, since those are my kiddos! :) Thanks so much for coming by, looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Fun two-pager! Following from the 2Peas thread I'd started. Have a great day!