Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday!

It's going to be a long weekend at our house, but anywhere is better than work for a couple of days, right?

Junior's Rally competition is Saturday and Sunday.  Practice has been limited these past few weeks, so it's a bit like taking a test without studying.  You know you won't do as well as if you had studied, but if you can just pass it you'll be happy :).

We will move to our first Level 2 trials, which means OFF LEASH courses. I had a nervous stomach pang just writing that sentence. It's a big move in this world of dog stuff.  I vow to keep a good attitude about it as it's happening, though - even if we don't qualify, it will be good experience for any "next time" we might decide to try.

My only other goal for the weekend is to have Crystal get to watch us in the ring. Poor Crystal hasn't been able to watch a single trial, because Junior spends his whole time trying to find her in the crowd if she's there.  He doesn't get distracted if she's not in the venue, so she has to leave.  This time we're going to find a way for her to watch, even if that means setting up a video camera or dressing her up as a potted plant.

Remind me of all this pep-talk when I come back on Monday and complain about how tired I am!

But today I'm thinking of more relaxed times and showing the rest of my completed Finger Lakes vacation pages. It was fun to relive vacation for a few days this week!  I am not done with the week's pages, but this is the end of my work so far.  I used my October Counterfeit Kit for these pages, too.

Our rental house is a bed and breakfast during the off season, so there was a lot of furniture on the porch. That made it a great hangout spot for reading, spontaneous wine and nosh plates and the occasional nap.

Everything came from my kit except the title letters.
I decided to journal right on the pictures on this page. I just wanted to put all the pictures of the house on this two page layout so I could tell that story all at once.  And I am in love with MME Enamel Dots. Such a simple little embellishment, but the pack I purchased worked perfectly with the colors in my kit papers this month.  I went through the whole pack.
Since I posted all these vacation pages out of order, I loaded them all into Flickr here. If you'd like to see them in order, that's the place to do it.  I will keep adding pages until I'm done with the whole week's stories.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice two page spread - great photo placement and that title really pops.

  2. Great photos! Love how you have documented your home! The dog competitions sound very interesting! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!