Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tried-and-True-Pin for Valentine's Day

I've never been a big Valentine's Day celebrator. It's so close to my birthday that I'm usually focused more on those plans.  And this year I'm more focused on how to make all the sunscreen and beachwear fit into my suitcases than anything else.

But I thought it would be good to pause and say Happy Valentine's Day today! So, in case you're like me and are looking for some little way to celebrate, without a lot of commitment or to do, I thought I'd share this pin from my Printables board:

Maze printable available at and pinned here on my board.
Print it for someone else or spend ten seconds alone in your head and solve it yourself.  However you celebrate (or not), there's nothing wrong with sharing a little love today.  Happy Valentine's Day!


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  2. Not sure what happened there - I wanted to thank for the great fun printable - I'll save it for *next* year!
    Hoping that you are having a great time!