Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Words Can Come Back to Bite You.....

Yesterday I mentioned that we're going back to Mexico this winter.

You know how a character in a movie will promise to be a good person or become a nun if she can just live to see another day?  Well, I have to refer you back to a post I wrote earlier this year, where I made a statement about the idea of going on vacation and what I would give if we could just make it happen again this winter.  Do you see it?

Yea. Words can come back to bite you......

So, it's time to go on my own little scrap shopping hiatus for a few months.  I'll be scrapping with just what I have in my stash while eating oodles of noodles, with the heat set on 62 degrees, but the reward is oh so worth it! 

I am often the first to roll my eyes when I see people proclaim a scrap-diet, usually because one of the next messages is something like, "I just got this little thing today," or, "it was on sale so it doesn't count, who could pass it up!"  I don't want to be one of those people.  So I mean it - no shopping, none, until the end of March when I go to the Memories Expo.

Fortunately, I know I can count on all of you Counterfeiters to keep me inspired and on track with the stash busting!

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  1. Love the idea of stashbusting in 2013! Looking forward to a year of CKCB inspiration!