Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Challenge #2: Celebrate!

Hi Everyone!

Here is my layout for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge's July mini-challenge to create something that focuses on celebration.

"C-Bus"....short for Columbus :). 

Hooray! We have curbside recycling!

As soon as I saw that this month's challenge was to document a celebration, I knew I wanted to do this page. I was very excited the day we came home to find rows and rows of fresh blue cans at the curb.  I ran right outside to take pictures before everyone else started pulling their cans from the curb.

Our new recycling starts at the end of this month.  It's not often (at least in my experience) that you get to see something GOOD and TANGIBLE come from a tax increase. I felt like this one was definitely worthy of celebration.

Be sure to check the Counterfeit Kit Blog to see the other Master Forger challenge examples today.  And if you take the challenge, add a link here, too.


  1. Now that's a creative take on this challenge! And a big ol' trash bin - we only have a little orange bin. Wonderful layout!

  2. Way to celebrate the everyday. Nice layout with a fun mix of patterns.

  3. Celebrating the everyday is always fun your layout is a wonderful take o the prompt. We recycle a lot in Germany and I know how good it makes you feel. Go you!

  4. The "City" is recycling?!!! We have to pay for a recycling service, ..well I don't live in the City of Rochester so I don't know, ...I'm in a suburb so maybe they do it for residents in the City. Congrats!!! Great shots!

  5. Sorry to be MIA recently. What a fab page (love the "b") and a great subject. We've had kerb-side recycling for years and years butour council keep changing their minds about what you can put into the bins. We had 4 different ones for a while, but are back down to 3 now - I pity people will small gardens!