Friday, July 13, 2012

Go with the Flow Friday - July Kit Layout

Happy Friday (the 13th!)!!

Well, I said I'd work on 2-page layouts this month, and that's exactly what I did for my first pages.  I used an sketch from an Allison Davis class and lots of kit items on these pages:

After I was pretty much done with the pages, I remembered that I had a copy of the party invitation that I wanted to
include. I thought about scanning it, making it smaller and using it as an embellishment.  Great idea, but I wanted
to be DONE and move on.  So, I lifted up the pictures on this page and made myself a flap. Lift the tab and
there's the invite.  I'll just cut the page protector to make it liftable in the album.

Inside the flap.
Done and done.

Have a great weekend!

We have a big weekend of cleaning and vacation prep, and somewhere in there I need to get some work done for this month's challenges.  There are some good ones coming up. 


  1. I love the design of this two-pager! Great photos and fun title too!!! Love it!

  2. Love 2 pagers!!! I love the hidden journaling as well (ok, invitation...LoL).

  3. Well done on doing a 2-pager! I struggle with them, although I did do one the other night. Great idea to include the invite.

  4. Nice, summery paper. It really supports the feeling of a garden party event.

  5. Nicely done - and the flap is a great idea!