Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celebrate Football Season!

This weekend starts college football frenzy around our house!

Crystal owns the TV from now until late November, and then again from late December through the bowl season. 

She knows all the coaches and players and has a head for the stats, records and stories for all the teams.  Thursday and Friday nights often include games.  Saturdays become 12 hour football marathons, and it's not uncommon to watch 2 games at the same time. Sundays become analysis days, filled with sports shows, newspaper articles, and maybe an NFL game, just to keep up with where college players go. 

I watch the Buckeye games, and I'll get interested in other games throughout the season, but the constant football attention starts to wear on me.  I'm so happy to have my craft room, so I can retreat there.  I fully expect to get a lot of scrapping done this fall - and I won't hear a peep about it from Crystal until sometime after Thanksgiving.

In honor of the fall football frenzy, I am having my first contest!  It's a simple one - I just need your opinion.  Reply to this post , and I'll draw a random winner.  Here is the question:

September 2010 - Part of the Club - For just one day we got to see how "The Other Half" lives at Ohio Stadium.  We parked in our reserved spot and made our way to the Skull Session. Then we went to the stadium and found our Huntington Club seats. Private food, bathrooms and TVs, our own seats with cupholders....don't think we can go back!
 I "completed" these pages at a recent, very productive crop at Red Letter Journals, and I used a sketch from Sketch Support.  But - after I got everything affixed to the page, I realized that I completed mismeasured the mat on the righthand page, and suddenly I had a big hole to fill.

I need ideas on how to fill that page!  Anything that involves moving or taking this page apart is not an option - I used ATG tape, so it's all super stuck, and I don't want to put that kind of time into starting over.

So, tell me, what would you do?  All suggestions will be entered into a random drawing.  Feel free to include a shout out for your favorite team, too!  Reply by 5pm, Friday, Sept. 2nd, and I'll draw and post a winner over the weekend.  Winner receives a package of goodies from my stash.  If the winner happens to be a Buckeyes fan, maybe there will be a little something extra :).

Go ____________________ (insert your team name here, even if it's Meeechigan)!


  1. Can you find an image of Brutus Buckeye to fill the space? Sounds like an awesome day. Go Buckeyes! I followed your link from 2peas. :)

  2. Nice page! How about adding some strips of teams, terminology, schools, coaches, etc... To that side of the page. If you overlap them onto the photo, it will tie it all together.

  3. You could add a sub-title to that side of the page, or the name of the stadium, or the team name. If you have more photos to add ~ either yours of perhaps from the Internet ~ they could fill in there as well. Also a piece of patterned paper could go there with more stars ~ bigger stars this time. More journaling. Okay I'm out of ideas! It's a very lovely layout, though, and congrats on getting unlimited crafty time until Thanksgiving!

  4. This is really a fantastic layout!

  5. I like the blank space, I think it gives your eye a place to rest.
    I don't think I can be entered in you draw though, as I don't watch football...I don't even understand it, lol.