Thursday, May 19, 2011

So much life!

Huh....guess who stinks at blogging?

18 months have gone bye-bye since my last post. I suppose there are lots of reasons. None of them matter, right? I'm here now, and I resolve to begin anew! Again. Begin anew again.

But if my next post doesn't happen until 2012, so be it!

What life has been happening since October 2009? Let's see....

Losing Owen was really crushingly sad for us. We were sad a lot.

We took a trip to Mexico in January/February 2010. THE trip for our 10th anniversary/Christmas/my birthday, all rolled into one. It was fantastic and completely necessary.

I came home with a renewed interest in scrapbooking. We took so many pictures, and we loved everything about our trip so much, that I really wanted to get some scrapping done. I'm pretty proud to say that I caught up on our albums for 2007-2009 and finished a whole book for our Mexico trip.

And we adopted Junior in March 2010, a loving wonderful puppy that makes us happy again!  This summer he will be 2 years old. He makes us laugh, he makes us swear, he makes us talk constantly about our dog to people we barely know (yes, we've become THOSE people). 

And a little secret (don't tell anyone, because it makes me sound a little crazy):  This dog is a reincarnation of Owen the Wondercat.  Seriously.  1) we think (he's a shelter pup) he was born around the time Owen died, 2) he looks like her, with the same colors, 3) when we first got to know him, he liked to climb up on my shoulder, just like Owen used to do, and 4) he's bad in the same ways Owen was bad, but so loving that it hardly matters. 

And what did I do around the house in 2010? What spectacular feats of decorating/homemaking projects did I complete? That would be nothing. I completely lost interest. But 2011 has been different! We've been in a constant state of shuffle as we installed a closet, did some big updates to our master, created my craft room and finished the spring outdoor clean-up. I took several pics along the way, so maybe a couple of posts will come out of those projects.

And no pics for this one, but Santa brought me a new job this year (it arrived a little late at the end of January).  I now don't have to drive an hour each way, and the two of us carpool most days.  It's quite a change to be home every night, and I'm still adjusting to the job. 

So that's the big catch up post.  May I not have to do a big catch up post again. Until the next time. 

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