Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summer Turns to Fall

Happens every year.....

I started the summer, and this blog, with such excitement for the season. I had plans. I'm always really, really good at beginnings. The beginning of a project, a season, a class - I'm on it. But somewhere around midway through it, I lose my resolve to finish. And endings in my life, both big things and little things, are never as pulled together as I'd like. I'm always looking forward to my next beginning. There's always something to pull me in another direction, and that's exactly what happened this summer.

June was a blast. But the fun ground to a halt like a broken carnival ride as soon as July emerged. July was drudgery. Complete drudgery. I took a statistics class. Maybe I'll talk more about my classwork later. All I'll say now is that it was miserable.

And it got worse in August when our lovely little kitty, our little baby Owen, our kitty practically since birth (hers and our relationship's), had a bad kidney crash. Reality set in after her week at the OSU vet hospital and subsequent few weeks at home with us. She came home with a feeding tube and showed us moments of happiness I'll always remember. But she also told us she was ready for us to let her go.

We started September as a family of two. And we have been sad. The tears have lessened, but we still ache for our lap buddy, our nap buddy, or door greeter and overall loneliness curer. We stayed busy - the beginning of the academic year at work, busy weekends with family, fun and football - and we got through it.

Now suddenly it's nearly November. It's dark when I leave for work (the best part of my drive to work is seeing the sunrise). And as the season has firmly changed to fall with hints of winter, I'm planning to restart some blogging and just see where it goes. Maybe I'll talk about school, maybe I'll talk about the holidays, maybe I'll talk about....whatever new beginning is around the corner :).


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  1. I'm so sorry about your kitty. =( She is a beautiful cat, I love tortieshell cats.