Monday, May 11, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures: Books

Before I started this blog I followed a few other blogs, one of which was Southern Hospitality. Mondays are Thrifty Treasures days at Southern Hospitality, so here's my contribution. Go to Southern Hospitality to see all the great finds posted by other bloggers; I'm so jealous of all the good finds that get posted there!

I didn't go to any yard sales over the weekend. I'm saving cash, time and enthusiasm for the Routh 40 yard sale at the end of the month.
But I did make a stop at GW. I didn't see anything exciting, but on my way out I noticed a sign that said books were all 10 cents that day. I turned back around to look for the books--just a couple of cases in the very back. But I got there just as some boxes were being unloaded. I picked up 7 craft/christmas/cook books for a total of .70. They're full of future projects!


  1. You did great.
    I love books, especially Christmas crafty ones.
    I have at least one of these from my Grandma's