Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little of This.....A Little of That.....

The first Counterfeit Kit challenge of the month is something I'm sure everyone needs a nudge to do: Use something old!

I didn't have to dig very hard to find some oldies but goodies in my own stash.

Eyelets! I haven't crunched an eyelet in a long time. While the two I used here won't put much of a dent
in the stash, it was a good reminder to get them out and put a few on some upcoming pages.  I'll also
use more of them for my star banner from my kit this month.

I used several Jillibean Soup cut outs. They're not that old, but I did get a bunch of
these sheets at the warehouse sale earlier this year.  I needed to get some of those
pieces onto a page, so I was glad to have a place to use them here.

When I put my kit together, I didn't realize how much grey I had within it.  Between the
B-sides of some paper and some of the small elements, I had quite a few little pieces
in shades of grey, and that was perfect to go around my shadow picture, I think.
Now check out the other Master Forger examples today and be sure to link your own challenge projects to this month's  Mr. Linky. Thanks for looking!


  1. Eyelets...ugh! I used to collect these like crazy! I feel your pain. I ended up giving a lot of mine away. Love your layout - looks like a great way to use up some scraps, too! I'll have to keep it in mind!

  2. They may be old but the color is trendy, lol!
    Love that the dog's shadow is in the pic :~D

  3. I love shadow photos and i love grey too! I was just telling Libeeti that I got rid of a whole load of eyelets recently and will be dumping the rest soon. but well done for getting them out and using a coupld!

  4. The tag + eyelets looks so cute!!! If I had time, I would have used eyelets for this challenge too. I have some shadow photos that I need to scrap, thanks for the inspiration!!! This is awesome! xoxo

  5. Oh eyelets - I think that as soon as you use one and put the container away, they regenerate themselves, so you will never be able to use them all. Great page of interesting photos and eyelets!!

  6. What lovely items on this page! I also really like the shadows in your photos!