Saturday, February 17, 2018

Eyelet Outlet: Bling Strips 5 Ways

Good morning! 

My first blog post for Eyelet Outlet is up today, and I'm so excited!  I went crazy with one of my favorite embellishments, these bling strips, to highlight the final page of my 2016 albums:

But after making this page, I think I might have a new favorite:  I NEED to go back and buy 100 packs of the mini butterfly brads. I want to mix them with everything!

You can find the full post and the product list on the Eyelet Outlet Blog at:

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Please don't mind the dust and the cobwebs. If you've landed here today, you likely got here from the Eyelet Outlet blog and this crazy bit of news.....


What the?!?!.....I can't think of any other word except crazy!  I am so excited and ready to report for duty. I'll primarily post for Eyelet Outlet on Saturday mornings, which leaves a lot of time to do some catching up around here. 

As you can see, I haven't used this blog for anything crafty in years.  I still scrap all the time (and shop and organize and scrap some more), but back when blogger became really difficult to use with my iPad, I moved to more posting on a private message board with friends and a bit on my Instagram.  I think I've found my excuse to get back to using the blog.  And it looks like some of the tech issues have improved with age, so let's give it a shot.

But with this new development, I need to give this place a good 'ol spring cleaning! This weekend will be my first chance to really spend some time doing some updates, but I thought I should at least jump in and say hello in case anyone clicks here now.  

I'll start Eyelet Outlet blog posts later this month. Until then, here's a page I submitted for the Design Team call.  As soon as I spotted the gnome brads, I knew they needed to go on a page in my Iceland books. 

Have a great day!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Knock Knock. Who's There? It's Me!

Just dropping in to say hello and say I'm alive.  I'd love to say that I have big plans to restart some regular posting, but I don't.  Maybe the fall will be a good time to get it back into my routine.  We'll see how the future goes.

I have been doing a bit of scrapping over the summer - getting back into my room and feeling like playing with paper a little bit.  I finished a modified version of my 2012 December Daily project, and I caught up and ended my weekly project layouts (My year was from June to June).  I'd really like to post those pages here, since I was working on the project when I last posted here. 

With those two projects out of the way, I'd like to work on our 2013 Mexico vacation. I never tire of working with Mexico pictures, and I never printed any of the February trip's pictures, so I'm anxious to get started. 

Back when I have something to share. Hope everyone has enjoyed a nice summer!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Counterfeit Kit

Hi everyone -

Sorry to be a dud at the end of the hop, but I'm not able to post a kit today. Life happens :). I hope you all enjoyed today's hop! Remember to go back to the Counterfeit Kit blog to add your own kits and projects to this month's Mr Linky.

And in case I don't get back to posts this weekend, happy National Scrapbook Day! Watch the Counterfeit blog for NSD posts and fun this weekend, too.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Hop

Welcome to the Counterfeit Kit hop! If you are hopping with us, here is some navigation info, for your reference:

Where you were: Lesley
Where you are: Rebecca
Where you will go: Lisa E

Using April's challenge #1, we're all showing projects inspired by this picture:

And here's my project:

So, I knew there was nothing in my kit to use as a direct interpretation of the picture, so I started looking for other angles.  I sort of saw the picture in quadrants and that made me think to use four 6x6s as my background 12x12.  And if you flip the tree to the other side, that's sort of how I arranged my page, with one side filled and the other side partially open. 

I'm enjoying these unlayered looks and have a Pinterest board with some collected inspiration pages.  I didn't directly scraplift a single page, but I definitely took pieces of several recently added pages on my pin board, including pages from Debbie Hodge, Jen Jockisch and others.  It's a fun look, and I'm having fun playing with the unlayered arrangement.

To understand the title, you have to know The Blogess and her Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken story. When we took a trip to Amish Country last fall and saw this metal chicken in a garden at one of our stops, we had to get a picture - It's Beyonce in simpler times, and she won't ever need electricity or a telephone.  And I've left room for the full title, which I will add later now that I've taken the pictures :), because it's an oft used phrase around here.

I added a few little things that weren't in my original kit. I was just having fun adding random shiny bits! 

And these washi tapes are new, too. I had a moment of weakness and bought a deal for 12 rolls of MME tapes. It arrived on my doorstep earlier this week as I was working on this page and they just sort of creeped onto my work space.

I knew I wanted to get away from my little Project Life pages and back into some regular pages, so I'm glad I could start on these pictures.  I'll have several more pages to do for this trip, and maybe that will keep me busy in the near future.
Alright, next stop is Lisa at - don't miss her project and the rest of the group on the second half of the hop.  Here's the full hop order, in case you hit a bump along the way.   Be sure to visit all the stops!

Lisa H    
Lisa E